A Brief Overview of Huntington Park West

Huntington Park West Homes Association was established in 1970 and today consists of 340 residences that are a mix of single-family, duplex, triplex and condominium units. The Park is a private residential community in that homeowners have common ownership of the streets, sidewalks, greenbelts, medians, clubhouse, swimming pool and other common areas. Visitors often comment about the friendliness of the residents and the appearance of the yards. Friends and fun are a big part of life in Huntington Park.

Huntington Park is an active community for people over age 55 wherein the homeowners volunteer their time and talents to help maintain the common areas, organize and conduct social activities and participate in the governing and decision-making process. Residents also contribute by serving on committees and on the Board of Directors, maintaining their own property, providing for their own health care and transportation, and respecting the rights of neighbors. As an age-restricted (over 55) community we must follow HUD guidelines. Age verification is required prior to occupancy. We are also required to conduct periodic surveys to ensure ongoing compliance with the HUD guidelines. No one under 18 may be a permanent resident. Restrictions are also in place regarding the number of rentals.

Each owner is a member of the Association, which is operated in accordance with the laws of Washington State (RCW 64.38). The Covenants on the owner’s property, Association Bylaws, Resolutions, Policies and Rules are the basis upon which the Park is governed. A Board of Directors is responsible for the business matters of the Park and for the maintenance of common areas and facilities. The Board is elected by the members and consists of nine residents who serve staggered 3-year terms. The Board, in turn, elects the officers. Each Board member has committee directorship responsibilities. Monthly Board meetings are open to residents. The monthly Huntington Park News keeps residents informed on business and social activities. The Board, with the help of the Finance Committee, prepares the annual budget and establishes the monthly assessment, which is ratified by the members. If a special assessment is required for an unexpected expenditure membership approval is also required. The Condominiums, while part of Huntington Park, have additional rules and assessments.

An Association membership meeting is held annually, at which time the Board reviews the prior year’s activities including financial status and discusses current year plans and the budget. Members can raise questions, propose and vote on motions, vote for new Board members and deal with other matters of interest in a parliamentary meeting.

The Covenants dictate strict control of the architectural aspects of the Park. Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval is required before changes can be made to building exteriors, paint and roof colors or before significant changes can be made to landscaping such as tree removal. A mandatory lawn care program provides mowing, edging and fertilizing (some variation exists for some units). Cost of this service is included in the monthly assessment. Other yard maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner. The ACC conducts an annual inspection and informs homeowners of maintenance issues that require corrective action. Enforcement of the Covenants ensures that the Park appearance will be properly maintained and property values enhanced.

The clubhouse and swimming pool offer a variety of social and Park business activities. The Recreation Office coordinates and schedules such events as tours, breakfasts, potlucks, games, aerobics and various meetings. The Business Office maintains the financial records, collects the monthly assessments, and handles the business functions of the Association. Pea patch plots are available for gardening and an RV storage area accommodates a limited number of RVs. There are greenbelts and walking trails throughout the Park. A dumpster is available for yard debris. Surveillance patrols by a professional security company are conducted each night.

When you make Huntington Park your home you enter into a “partnership.” While this partnership affords many benefits, it also has restrictions and carries the responsibility to maintain your property, assist in the care of common areas and to volunteer as best you can to contribute to the operation of the Park. In so doing we all help to reduce monthly assessments and protect our property value. We also make a lot of new friends.

Please contact the Business Office at (206) 878-2744 for more important information.